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How Martial Arts Actors Get In Shape for a Movie (Workout Tips Inside)

How Martial Arts Actors Get In Shape for a Movie (Workout Tips Inside)

According to https://themoviesbio.com/, martial arts have been gaining enormous popularity particularly during the past couple of years, despite them existing for multiple centuries. While on television the wrong opinion about the technique might be formed (i.e., violent, brutal, and dangerous), there is much more to it than meets the eye. Although martial arts offer a killer total-body workout that is bound to increase your physical strength, actors needing to get in shape for movies undergo tough mental challenges as well.

Martial arts are renowned for teaching discipline, and for people to get in the shape they are, actors need to go through conditioning and rigorous workouts to get the results they want. That’s why we’ve designed a list of the workouts actors use for getting in shape, and some tips to keep you calm in the face of chaos.

1. Burpees workout

Anyone who has ever tried burpees knows that this is far from a simple exercise. Not only will it work all the muscles in your body, but you are bound to feel it even the following day, maybe even after the first three. Particularly following a couple of repetitions, the exercise becomes increasingly demanding, and it manages to build up the stamina and strength needed by martial art fighters –including their arms, chest, torso, legs, and shoulders.

“It’s not uncommon to hear that many fighters and actors use the burpees technique as one of the standard movements to increase conditioning before workouts, and that’s due to their undeniable effectiveness.” – Steven Reynolds, Sports Expert

2. Sandbag workouts

According to experts, the heavy sandbag exercise should be a top choice for every martial arts workout. Unlike dumbbells and barbells which focus on toning and strengthening, the shape of sandbags is not fixed. This makes the exercise ideal for developing overall endurance, grip strength, and increased muscle coordination –all of which you’ll need as a martial art master.

To make it even harder, you can use the sandbag for deadlifts, squats, presses, cleans, snatches, along with a variety of other exercises. Trust us; it won’t be long until you notice a significant difference.

3. The Body Opponent Bag (BOB)

Another excellent tool for practicing is BOB, otherwise known as the body opponent bag. Not only will BOB offer a more useful and fun tool, but higher-end models are equipped with adjustable heights and weights.

Many actors have commented on how using the body opponent bag is far more challenging than a conventional model, mainly when the base is filled with sand or water. In some cases, the heavy bag can weigh as much as 250+ lbs.

4. Rebreakable boards

There are few better ways to demonstrate your power and accuracy than by using rebreakable boards. This training technique can often be seen on television or movies, particularly during competitions, belt tests, or breaking demonstrations.

The primary goal of the boards is to increase strength, power, and most importantly, accuracy –by using both strikes and kicks. When practicing breaking techniques, martial artists and actors learning the art will break numerous boards.

Because it can be expensive to buy wooden boards until you master the routine, you can opt for plastic rebreakable boards -which are repaired or put together by sliding the two plastic halves back together again. Available in different thicknesses, you can practice and increase the difficulty as your practice becomes more advanced.