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Why You Should Hire A Trained Fighter For A Hens Party

There have been a lot of incidents from carjacking, to hens party robberies in past years which are good reasons why one must always be proactive when it comes to safety. And now with the pandemic in place, lot of people are losing their full income according to munchiesoslo.no. The greatest mistake a bride to be can make on her Magic Men hens night is thinking the world is a very safe place. Most times even when you think you have found someone to trust, you later find out you should have been more careful. Just flashback at how Kim Kardashian was robbed in 2016 which led to her losing so much money. Trained fighters are what most celebrities, dignitaries, wealthy people and sometimes brides on their hens night use as a source of security. Also referred to as close protection operatives or executive protection, they have been in existence ever since individual started accumulating fame and wealth. If you think hiring a trained fighter as a bodyguard or hiring someone to look after your valuables on your hens isn’t a great idea, these few professional points will make you change your mind on security decision. Finding the right bodyguard and making the best choice when it concern safety is not very easy. The location of the hen’s party has great influence when it comes to hiring a well-trained fighter. You must have a vivid understanding of the risk and threat profile of the location you are planning on celebrating your hen’s party. Also, the economic condition of the country is a vital factor. The Olympic Games which took place in Rio is a perfect illustration of why the location should be a top consideration when it comes to hiring a trained fighter. Although, if you are used or popular in that area, then there is no need of hiring a bodyguard for protection.


The physical facilities and organizational structures of the area or city which you plan on celebrating the hen’s party venues in Sydney is a crucial element. It’s okay if you feel secure moving around the area and sometimes the place you decide to stay might already be well secured and as a result of not needing the services of a trained fighter. Moreover, when the roads are not in good condition when the location for your hens night isn’t highly secured, and if it’s your first time of visiting, then you may be needing extra protection to keep you and your friends safe. The facility also has a significant influence on your security and the number of trained fighters you should hire for the hen’s party. In Singapore or Hong Kong, you may feel secure with one agent. In the Southern region of the Philippines or Thailand, you might consider increasing your security to make up for the cities present risk status and landscape.

For Safe Transportation

If transportation is needed, you may also want to save yourself the stress and allow a reliable security company takes care of your protection as part of the package. The trained fighter you hire should be a native of that area or should be conversant with every corner and should also have a good a relationship with experienced and qualified drivers. Both the vehicles and drivers must be thoroughly acquainted and have good knowledge of that area. That is that the cars should be fit the profile of the location not being too luxurious or create unwanted attention.