Top 5 Fighting Movies of the Century

As with just about every debate over the best anything, you’d be hard-pressed to find the same answers no matter who you talk to. With so many options out there, the idea of selecting just five of the best fighting movies of the last 100 years is nothing if not intimidating. While we’re bound to offend a handful of people no matter what movies end up on our list, we wanted to share the five we thought deserved to be named the best. In no specific order, take a look at the list below and tell us just how much you agree or disagree with our selections.


Fight Club (1999)

The talented Edward Norton and equally talented, pretty boy Brad Pitt came together to star in Fight Club, a movie that, despite the title, isn’t as much of a traditional fighting movie as the others on our list. While the film itself is more about a pathetic man’s delusions, the realistic, bloody and violent scenes displaying the world of underground fighting deemed themselves worthy of notice. The bare-knuckle fighting scenes viewers witness in Fight Club are enough to stir up something inside of you, which is exactly what a fight movie is supposed to do. If you’re in the mood for a bit more of a psychological thriller with some great fight scenes thrown in, Fight Club is the way to go.


Enter the Dragon (1973)

Can you really talk about fight movies without mentioning the one man who left a permanent impression: Bruce Lee? Over at “Crave” they named Enter the Dragon their number one fight movie and labeled the film Bruce Lee’s magnum opus. The fight scenes may be shorter than you’d prefer but rumor has it they had to slow down some fight scenes because Lee moves too fast for viewers to keep up. You’ll likely have a hard time remembering it’s just a movie because this film is just that good!


Undisputed III: Redemption (2010)

When it comes to good movies, it’s quite rare that a sequel is good enough to beat the original. But in the case of the Undisputed films, it’s the third movie in the series that takes home the prize. Avid movie-goers may argue that in terms of story line, the first or second films were better than Redemption, but for those wanting a good fighting movie, third is best. This American-made film has all the bone-crunching violence required to make it on our list.


Rocky (1976)

Similar to Enter the Dragon, it would practically be a sin to talk about fight movies without mentioning Rocky. The intense boxing scenes and inspirational story not only earned this movie recognition as one of the best fighting movies of all time, but landed it among some of the best movies ever made. It can be argued that Sylvester Stallone wouldn’t be who he is today without this franchise. It’s no surprise several fight scenes from the film are still consistently talked about today.


Never Back Down (2008)

Although this movie follows teenagers, there’s no shortage of action for any fight movie-loving viewer, no matter their age. The following was so great in fact, that they filmed a sequel. There are certainly enough bloody fights to satisfy your need if that’s what you’re looking for. With familiar faces like Sean Faris, Amber Heard, and Cam Gigandet, it’s a great movie for those looking to get into the fight movie scene, but be forewarned: once you’re in, you’re in!

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