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Turn Your UFC Passion into Profit

Having a passion for UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship – is easily the first step into making a profit when you get into betting. Although make sure you compare odds to turn the edge in your favor. However, being a diehard fan is not a requirement, especially if you are determined and ready to spend time and invest money. Moreover, don’t worry if you are not always on top of the newest developments. Keep in mind that it’s a good idea to know if someone is coming out of retirement, and to have information on future fights.

Betting for fun is not the way to make a profit. In fact, you might be influenced and biased by betting on your favorite fighter. To become a savvy better, or even better, a high roller, you will need to learn a lot, both about the UFC and betting in general. This means following many games, many fighters, and spending a lot of time on research before you can place an experienced bet that will win you money.

So, how do you turn from an amateur better into a high-roller that makes a profit?

Learn and understand the odds

When it comes to the UFC, one of the fighters is the underdog and the other is the favorite to win. The odds will tell you which fighter is a favorite. That’s where you start. There are three basic types of odds representations: Vegas odds, decimal odds and fractional odds. Vegas odds are used mostly in the USA; decimal odds are used in Central Europe, while fractional odds are common in the UK. So, depending on where you are in the world, you will face different types of odds.

However, the odds representations are easy to convert, and what’s even more, most sports bookies have a system to help you convert them or even do it for you.

The odds and betting

To better understand the odds, let’s take a look at an example using Vegas odds. If a fighter’s odds are -200, while his opponent’s odds are +150, it means that the fighter is the favorite, and sine the USA odds are based around a $100 bet, this means that you need to bet $200 on that fighter to win $100. If you’re betting on his opponent, then with a $100 bet you will win $150.

In general, the number after the ‘-‘ sign means you need to bet that amount to win $100, while the number after the ‘+’ sign shows how much money a bet of $100 would win including the stake.

Detailed research

LAS VEGAS, NV – DECEMBER 30: (L-R) Cody Garbrandt kicks Dominick Cruz in their UFC bantamweight championship bout during the UFC 207 event on December 30, 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

Understanding the odds and types of bets in UFC – live betting, round betting, bout betting is only the first step. The second step is learning everything you can about UFC. You will need to research each player before making a bet, and that includes past fights and wins, past odds on that player, as well as who the player won against. If the player has not won against better opponents, then betting on him or her might not be the best idea.

Also, make sure to watch past games and look for patterns. Does the fighter settle the win in two, three, or five rounds? How often has it been a draw and against whom? If you are going for live betting, you should study the movements and the tactics of the fighters, because it will help you place the right bet at the right time.

Be patient

One does not become a high-stakes roller overnight. To turn a profit from UFC betting, you will need to make the initial investment and use it well. Otherwise, the investment becomes a loss and your enjoyment when watching UFC will diminish.

So, what can and should you do?

You need to be patient. Start small, place a few bets at a time to get the feeling of betting, learn and get used to the lingo and the terms. Do not rush into making big losing bets immediately. Get all the help you can get – from forums online or in  person if you can reach a professional better. Then, when you feel confident in your knowledge of the UFC, of the fighters going in the octagonal ring and their past victories and defeats, then, you can move on to bigger bets.

Find the right sportsbook

There are two reasons why you should look for the right sports bookie. First reason is safety – you don’t want to place a winning bet with a bookie that will not pay you out. The second reason why you need to check every sports bookie beforehand are the odds. One sportsbook might, and most probably will, offer different odds for the same game compared to another sportsbook.

For that reason, before you make your first serious bet, check out every option that you have. You can use C Payment Methods to choose the right betting house for you, be it William Hill or bet365.

Live betting – yes or no?

Live betting can be really exciting. It means watching the game and placing bets live in game. There are many professional betters who do this and actually make a profit, so, it deserves special attention.

What you need to keep in mind before making a live bet are the odds. The odds will change as the game progresses, and there is always the delay of a few seconds between placing your bet and your bet being accepted as such. In those few seconds, the odds might change and so will the outcome of your bet, especially if you win.

You can also go for tabbing – bet with different sports bookies on the outcome of the same game at the same time. This can be profitable, but you are still placing multiple bets at the same time, so you might end up spending more than what you will actually make if and when you win.

When it comes to betting, the perfectly safe bet does not exist. Each win is a combination of luck and skill – so as time passes and your confidence grows, make sure it does not make you too confident. That way, whatever profits you’ve made will disappear quickly, even if you were 100% you were going to win.